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AICA Online International Conference 2020

November 25-27, 2020

AICA ONLINE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE 2020 Due to the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the world, we, as AICA Turkey, start a full international online conference, enabling participants to carry out their academic researches.  Artworld, Reflexes and Alternative New Worlds We are on the edge of a new era in which not only the structures that serve our social and economic life have been damaged but the field of art, providing the most basic need that makes us human, has been damaged by the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.  The art world has, of course, developed some strategies in response to this dilemma such as online access to collections of museums, online art interviews and sessions and online art exhibitions during the Covid-19 crisis.  Normally a state must support the arts and culture. During the Covid-19 pandemic some governments moved into rapid arrangements to protect the art space while others found it difficult to support or put the art world on an alternative footing. 
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We invite scientists and researchers engaged in research in art criticism and art history to join us online on November at the "AICA Online International Conference".  Goals of the Conference: Bringing together online researches realized by local and international scholars, organization of a meeting for researchers and practitioners and dealing with pandemic and art. Paving the way for scientific discussions and exchange of knowledge and experience. Dealing with interdisciplinary studies. Language of the Conference will be English.  The deadline of the submissions is extended until  November 1, 2020 . Abstracts sent after the date will not be accepted. Abstracts will be viewed by the Science Board and authors of accepted abstracts will be informed by an e-mail in  November 9, 2020 . Abstracts will be published in the ISBN recognized Abstract e-Book of the Conference. Besides, full papers written in accordance with the writing rules and sent to the Conference Secretariat befor


Organizing Committee Asst. Prof. Dr. Fırat ARAPOĞLU - Altınbaş University Asst. Prof. Dr. Güler Bek ARAT - Süleyman Demirel University Çiğdem ZEYTİN (MA; Theory and Criticism of Fine Arts)  Evrim ALTUĞ, Art Critic Sinan Eren ERK (MA; Curatorial Studies and Fine Arts) Scientific Committee Prof. Dr. Ali AKAY - Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Prof. Dr. A.S. BRUCKSTEIN ÇORUH Prof. Dr. Asbjørn S. GRØNSTAD - Bergen University Prof. Dr. Burcu PELVANOĞLU - Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Prof. Dr. Christian LOTZ - Michigan State University Prof. Dr. Esra ALİÇAVUŞOĞLU KARAVELİ - Marmara University Prof. Dr. Ferhat ÖZGÜR - Düzce University Prof. Dr. Günsel RENDA - Koç University Prof. Dr. Hal FOSTER - Princeton University Prof. Dr. Julian STALLABRASS - The Courtauld Institute of Art,  London University  Prof. Dr. Marcus GRAF - Yeditepe University Prof. Dr. Liam KELLY - Ulster University Prof. Dr. Nermin SAYBAŞILI - Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Prof. Dr. Pierre MONTEBELLO - Toulouse

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Toward the end of the forties, when many schools and diverse movements in art were flourishing, art critics, art historians and art educators, as well as curators from museums of modern art gathered at two congresses at UNESCO Headquarters (1948 and 1949). Their aim was to compare their point of views concerning the vocation of art criticism, to analyse their responsibility in regard to artists and public, and to outline the particular nature of their contributions in relation to developments in the fields of art history. Convening from around the world, they included among them the most prestigious names of the times: André Chastel, Jorge Crespo de la Serna, Pierre Courthion, Charles Estienne, Chou Ling, Miroslav Micko, Sergio Milliet, Marc Sandoz, Gino Severini, James Johnson Sweeney, Albert Tucker, Lionello Venturi, Eduardo Vernazza, Marcel Zohar, Paul Fierens, Herbert Read and others. Following those two international congresses at UNESCO, the International Association of Art