Amusnet Shows Commitment To Corporate Social Responsibility As Gold Sponsor Of BBLF’s Responsible Business Awards 2023

CSR) pillar has just begun paving its way toward responsible business practices. The event is
considered the foremost national competition for companies with a purpose, showcasing corporate
projects that benefit people, the community, and the environment.


The prominent prizes were presented by President Rumen Radev, Minister of Education and Science
Prof. Dr. Sasho Penov, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Water Reneta Koleva, Deputy
Minister of Labour and Social Policy Prof. Emil Mingov, Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry
Irina Shtonova, British Ambassador Rob Dickson, BBLF Chair Levon Hampartzumian, and Deputy Chair Anton Panayotov.

Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum aim is to promote best practices and encourage corporate
programs that make the most significant impact. Companies that enter the contest have the
opportunity to showcase their effective and inspiring CSR programs, receive recognition for their
efforts, and enhance their reputation as top employers.


The Responsible Business Awards feature seven categories: Investor in the Community, Investor in
Knowledge, Investor in the Environment, Investor in Human Capital and Working Conditions, Cause-
Related Marketing, Best Social Policy of a Small or Medium Enterprise, and Diversity at Work.

All the companies that entered the competition were competing for the Engage award, which was
introduced this year for the first time. The winner was selected by the British Embassy and the award was given by British Ambassador Rob Dickson. The Engage award celebrates the collective effort and commitment of all team members toward achieving a shared objective.


The record 134 entries submitted this year were judged by an independent and objective panel of respected experts from the NGO sector, institutions, business, academia, and the media (short summaries).

Amusnet has entered the contest with two CSR projects, showcasing their commitment to social responsibility and sustainable development. As a golden sponsor, Amusnet is proud to support BBLF’s Responsible Business Awards and promote best practices in the industry. We believe that responsible business not only benefits society and the environment but is a way for true leaders to lead the way to a positive change in the world.

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