Are You Nit Picky With Fonts? 2023

IMPORTANT if this wasn’t important, I wouldn’t bold and italicize it. If my theme updates don’t go through: here’s a link to github


Verbage is a minimal, clean theme for the serious writer. Thought has been carefully placed on the information presented on the index page and permapage so the reader is not drawn to tags or note counts-but what’s really important-your awesome thoughts.

Verbage (n) /verb-age/: A made up word relating to verbose that sounds intelligently real but not as fun as supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. They both for the unaware may be found in the Urban Dictionary.


Demo the theme

And if you have any problems, want some specific features-shout at the creator.


Short List of Features:

– Custom Colors (Banner, Body)
– Custom Images (Banner, Footer, Logo)
– Social Icons
– Infinite Scroll
– Google Analytics
– Google Fonts
– Overlay Opacity for Banner
– Push Menu
– Tooltips (ppl seem to dig that stuff)
– photo caption
– highlight texts yellow, blue or red
– LaTeX math


You can change the color of the background and text. You can also add an image. Not enough you say. Well. you can also show off your other internet hangouts. Simply type in your usernames to display the icons for the social sites that you’re a part of. This is also where your description goes.


Make your footer go BAMB. You can change the color or add an image.

Google Font

Are you nit picky with fonts? I know I am. Google Fonts gives access to hundreds of free fonts so you can find the perfect one for your blog.

Google Analytics is a site that lets you see stats about your blog. Put your Google Analytics ID into the Google Analytics ID box and you’re set!

Infinite Scroll

Infinite scroll lets you view posts without having to click “next”. To activate this, tick the Endless Scrolling box.

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