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I’m sure, most players in the regular casinos and online casinos are looking for a kind of system to help them win. Many of them stumble upon or hear about a reliable system that involves doubling their bets after each loss. They think faster or later they have to win. This name of this system is the Martingale system and it has been around for years. It has also been the ruin of many players. Here is how it works. You construct a bet and if you lose you double your bet. If you lose once more you double your bet. You keep doing this until you win and then go back to your novel bet.

Try to imaging you are playing on a 5$ table and know Your opponent’s bet. You start with $5 bet. If you loose, your next bet will be $10. If you lose, your next bet will be $20 and so on. It would only take eight losses to go beyond the table maximum bet. It doesn’t matter how many times you double up your bet. You will up you will only win five dollars if you eventually hit. This takes into account all your progressions up to that point. Even if you could exceed the $500 maximum bet, on the eighth bet you are risking $640 to win $5. You have already invested $635 for your previous seven bets. If you lose that one you are out $1, 275. Can you imagine risking over a thousand dollars for a chance to win five dollars? The casinos know that if someone had unlimited resources they would eventually win. That is why the set maximum bets at the table. For example, $500 limits.


Some people who try the Martingale system have an initial success with best casino bets. They might win consistently for many sessions and swear the system is fool proof. Sooner or later reality will kick in and they will discover the flaw in the system.But remember: Anything can happen in a casino including losing several bets in a row. There are still many players however that are just hearing about the Martingale system and are convinced that they can’t lose with it. Here is an easy way to see for yourself.No betting system will change the overall casino edge and the Martingale system can be disastrous when things go bad. Please don’t be one who is fooled by this system.

Online Casino Bets : : Types of Betting Systems

Negative progression betting systems: You increase the bet when you lose. Require more capital and usually employed to force a winning outcome following a losing streak. (Nerve-wracking, very painful when you lose. Avoid these systems if you can.)
Insurance betting systems: You decrease the amount of your bet when you win, usually following a high initial bet or following short ‘let-it-ride’ progressive wins. (Play it safe. A good compromise.)
Positive progression betting systems: You increase the bet when you win. Kind of ‘let-it-ride’. Require less capital and usually employed to take advantage of winning streaks. (No sweat, easy ride.)



There are a variety of banking methods accessible to players. Ensure that you have your banking sorted out before opening a real account. There are very reliable payment methods such as Neteller and Firepay available that can give you allot more freedom and safety when playing at online casinos. Never give out your credit card information to an operator if you are not planning to make use of it when playing. Also make sure you have a copy of your Driver’s license, Passport or identity document and utility bill with your address ready in jpg or gif format before opening a real account. Many online casinos necessitate players to buy voucher. Tokens are in general purchase with a check or money order. You can also send your casino a wire transfer and funds to your account that way. Each online casino is different in their acceptance of poles apart payment technique.

A list should be provided on different accepted payment options at each website. Sometimes, casinos will recompense players who use favorite payment methods with extra enticement and additional benefit. The Prepaid ATM card has also conflagration follow in giving users more options to add money to their Internet casino accounts. Creating an account will scholarship you an ATM card in the mail which will be granted to you to take money out from the selected ATM equipment. Any progressive slot wins at online casinos bets will have you moving back quickly. These taking out can be credited to your PrePaid card. In a near instantaneous, you’ll be expenditure or saving those winnings in no time after moving back at an ATM mechanism. A unique, DuoCash uses prepaid phone cards to make online buys. You can buy them in 20, 50, and smooth 100 dollar increments.

There are innumerable ways casino players can heave money into their online casino accounts. 900 Pay is one overhaul available to United States and Canadian inhabitants. Instead of working like a conventional inspection account, it charges time to your landline’s telephone bill. Transactions are made by dialing their 900 digit and using the keypad to select from deposit amount options. Western Union, famous in the United States, is one more such transaction company accessible to different regions of the world. With this overhaul, players can use credit cards to transfer money to their Casino Las Vegas or English Harbour account. Keep in mind, only global players can send money from side to side a Western Union office.

NETeller the “easiest method to pay and be paid online” is a well-liked electronic funds transfer company which is also used to withdraw money from casino. Registered account users can deposit, transfer, and take out money to/from online casinos that accept NETeller as a form of payment. Funds can be thrown into NETeller through a bank deposit, credit cards, electronic funds transfer, and the $InstaCash agenda. Unlike some checking accounts, NETeller comes encumbered with compensation like no service fees, hush-hush credit card information, safe transactions, and the ability to right to use your money from anywhere around the globe, anytime.

Citadel, which in its heydays was a e-commerce securities company, is now a money transfer overhaul. Less well-liked than its NETeller counterpart, Citadel is still an effectual service. It allows you to send electronic checks for deposit into your online casino. One caveat: Citadel requires you to put up with your own checking account registered with a United States based monetary institution. FirePay illumination up money transfers with their free Online-based cash accounts. Players’ bank accounts can be used to add money to their FirePay accounts. Keep in mind, the Internet allows you to sign up for these services wholly free of charge. This income it’s free of charge to make use of, free of charge to add money, and free to record.

How to read your opponent’s bet

How you interpret the size of an opponent’s bet, especially in relation to his stack at certain points in a tournament, can give you the chance to take down a pot or tell you to get away from a loser in online casino bets.

– Marcel Luske read it right at the $15, 000-buy-in Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic at Las Vegas’ Bellagio in 2007.
– After a player in middle position rose to $12, 000, Luske looked down to find 10-9 off suit in the big blind. Owning a considerably bigger stack,
– Luske called the additional $8, 000.
– With blinds at $2, 000-$4, 000 plus a $500 ante, players neared the money bubble, the point where those remaining in the event finish in the money, allowing aggressive players to take advantage of those who fear risk and know your opponent’s bet.
– “The guy is not strong enough in chips to make a move, ” Luske said. “In the bubble position, it’s very hard for people to play hands when they’re not that strong in chips.”
– “The amount tells me that he doesn’t feel too good with his hand because he only bet a small part of the pot and this flop is very dangerous, “
– Luske said. “Either he has a monster such as three jacks orhe’s trying to get me off the hand with a small bet and a small pair.”
– The flop came 4-9-jack, rainbow, giving Luske a pair of 9s.
– “I checked to him so he can continue play with an A-K or A-Q, or represent an overpair, or he might have two 8s and make a continuation betting and I’d make some money out of it, ” he said.
– His opponent bet $14, 500.
– Luske called. The turn came the queen of hearts, giving Luske an open-ended straight draw. He checked.
– “He cannot afford to bet it unless he has K-10, ” Luske said. “He’s going to lose all his chips if he walks into 10-8 or 10-K. He has to have a hand that’s more than a pair.”
– His opponent also checked. The river came the 8 of clubs, completing Luke’s straight.
– “I bet $30, 000 into him just in case he does have a hand but played it wrong, or thinks I’m bluffing and am taking the chance to represent a 10, ” Luske said. “The only way I get paid is if he has something and he thinks I’m bluffing.”
– Luke’s opponent called his half-pot bet and mucked his hand when he saw the straight.


Some online casinos bets will only allow you to use your no deposit bonus while playing certain games. Check and see what games you are allowed to play before taking the bonus. It’s wise to read the restrictions ahead of time because most casinos have conditions attached to their no deposit bonus. Certain rules may apply to deposit money into casino. Before you accept any offer, it’s wise to read the fine print. You might have to wager your bonus a minimal amount of times before you can cash out and so forth. Player may be asked to participate another game to avail that bonus. But any way every player is getting good opportunity to win any amount of money without paying own money. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Always the chance to win exists. It’s the fact that many of online gamblers used that bones opportunity to made money and many of them are constantly making money by using online casino bonuses. But any way before using that opportunity is sure to learn all terms and conditions of the chosen online casino. A cashable bonus is one that can be cashed after fulfilling the applicable terms and conditions. A non-cashable bonus is one in which only the winnings from the bonus can be cashed after fulfilling the applicable terms and conditions. The bonus amount itself cannot be cashed.

A casino might offer a 100% match bonus up to $100 with a wagering requirement of $2000. After wagering $2000 in the casino, the player is able to cash out the $100 bonus. The most common form of casino bonuses is the cashable bonus. Something that you should be aware of in casino bonuses is about the sticky betting bonus, choosing this type of bonus is rather risky so please read carefully always when u see anywhere about this specific bonus.

On games without raises or doubles, the expected loss while completing a wagering requirement is wagering requirement house edge. This makes the expected gain of a cashable bonus equal to bonus wagering requirement house edge. House edge is defined in terms of initial bet, so the above equation does not apply to games with raises and doubles where the final bet size may be larger than the initial bet. The equation becomes bonus – wagering requirement average loss per wager. In cashable bonuses more precise estimate, one must also consider the benefit from being able to bet the bonus prior to completing the wagering requirement. This effect becomes noticeable when making large bets, such as betting the full balance (deposit and bonus) in a single bet. After considering this benefit and element of risk, the formula for return becomes bonus average wagering element of risk. If games without raises or doubles are played and the bonus is not given until completing wagering, then the formula can be simplified as bonus – wagering requirement house edge.

WITHDRAW MONEY FROM CASINO : : How to withdraw money in Casino

When you’re ready to withdraw your winnings you’ll find we have made the process as simple and user-friendly as possible. Please remember that it is not necessary withdraw all the winnings at the end of each session. You can leave the Casino with a positive balance which will be saved in the system and made available to you the next time you play. We do have different withdrawal options. And also Cashable bonuses can be cashed out after completing a wagering requirement.

Withdrawal options:

1. How to Withdraw

2. How to Select Your Preferred Payment Method

3. Withdrawal Payment Options in Casino

How to Withdraw:

Please make sure that you have selected your preferred payment option.

To request withdrawal

A. Open the casino

B. Click the ‘Connect’ button

C. Click the ‘Bank’ button

D. Click the ‘Withdrawal’ tab

E. Enter the amount you want to withdraw to complete the withdrawal process

How to Select Your Preferred Payment Method:

To ensure that your withdrawal is paid out to you using your choice of payment option, you need to set up your preferred payment option online and you should also be aware of the depositing money into casino. We reserve the right to pay out your winnings using the most viable option (in many cases this is a check)

Withdrawals are usually paid out in the following manner:

1. The portion of the withdrawal less than or equal to the original deposit amount will always be refunded to the original deposit mechanism e.g. 900 pay etc.

2. Thereafter, any additional balance owing to you will be paid out to the payment option you have selected.

3. Please note that if you use any (future) deposit option/-s that grants instant gratification for your deposits, such as InstaDebit as a deposit option, your withdrawals will be subject to an eight (8) day pending period. Therefore we are only able to process your withdrawals eight (8) days after your deposit through this/this method/s.

4. Please note that any future new deposit options that grant instant gratification for your deposits through these new deposit options might be subjected to the eight (8) day pending period.

5. Due to VISA MasterCard and country-specific restrictions and regulations, we might be unable to process withdrawals to these cards.

Withdrawal Payment Options in Casino:

You will be able to withdraw a positive balance in your Casino account and receive your money via one of the following options:

– EcoCard €, £, CAD, AUD and US $
– Click2Pay €, £, CAD and US $
– Entropay €, £, CAD, AUD and US $
– EZIPay €, £, CAD and US $
– Check €, £, CAD, AUD and US $
– Bank Wire €, £, CAD, AUD and US $
– Neteller € and £
– Visa Credit €, £ and CAD and US $
– Visa Debit €, £ and CAD and US $
– InstaDebit US $
– UseMyWallet US $

Frequently asked questions

Can I deposit and withdraw money from my account using my cell phone?

Yes you can. In order to use this service you need to have a registered account with us, and a registered debit/credit card – both of which you can do online or through your mobile. You can then deposit and withdraw money from your registered card whilst playing a game. The cashier functionality, which enables you to transfer funds between various wallets, is also available.

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