Deposit & Withdraw Funds At 1xbet With VISA & MasterCard. Find Out More! 2023

Betting with VISA and MasterCard offer the unique advantage of convenience and security. Many people hesitate to make an online payment to betting sites owing to the risk their sensitive financial information may be stolen or hacked. However, such risks are nonexistent with sites such as, who have established their reputation with the test of time, and always deploy high-security measures. The risk is even more mitigated when you use VISA and MasterCard, which offer high levels of fraud security and payment protection.


VISA & MasterCard bookmakers enjoy the unprecedented benefit of security from both ends. Not only does offer reliable payment processing option, Visa and MasterCard ensure the payment processing security on offer is best in the world, with the merchants are obliged to deploy measures on par with industry standards. With payment protection plans in place, users can always dispute charges they did not authorise, or block the transaction in the unlikely event their card details were stolen and used to make unauthorised transactions.

What is VISA & MasterCard and How Does It Work?

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VISA and MasterCard are two major brands of credit cards available in most countries across the world. Most banks and financial institutions issue Visa and/or MasterCard credit card to their customers.

VISA and MasterCard are payment brands. They do not issue any credit cards directly and rather licence the right to use their brand to credit card issuers and acquirers. Issuing banks have a tie-up with VISA or MasterCard and provide such cards to the customer.


Acquirers process the transaction made by the customer, using the credit cards supplied by issuing bank. When a transaction takes place, the merchant establishes a connection with the acquirer, who process the transaction and seek approval from the issuer. The issuer, mostly the bank, takes a risk in that the customer will honour the transaction when they approve the transaction. The issuing bank gets n interchange fees for the risk they assume.

Both VISA and MasterCard operate in a similar way, and for the customer, there is no real difference between these two cards. The terms and conditions associated with these cards, especially the charges, are set by the issuing bank or financial institution, and the contract is between the customer and the issuer. VISA or MasterCard does not deal directly with the customer or even the issuing bank. They deal with the acquirers.

Are There Any Taxes when Depositing and Withdrawing with VISA & MasterCard at 1xbet?

When you make your payment to 1xbet using Visa or MasterCard, the payment is credit instantly, and there are no service charges. The entire amount you pay is reflected in your account, without any deduction or taxes. Likewise, when you want to withdraw money VISA and MasterCard offer equally convenient and secure options, The money will be credited to your account anywhere between one minute and seven days, and there is no service charge or tax deducted.

However, the issuing bank may deduct some service charge from their end, depending on the terms and conditions made between you and the issuing bank, when you availed the card.

Are There Any Bonuses When Depositing via VISA & MasterCard at 1xbet?

There are several bonuses on offer when depositing money via VISA and MasterCard at 1xbet, but none specific. There is a 100% bonus available on the first deposit, subject to a maximum threshold. There are also many day-specific offers, such as “Lucky Friday” offer, “x2 Wednesday promotion” and more. The nature of the 1xbet bonus and promo offers keep on changing from time to time, so visit the 1xbet website for the latest updates.

Why is VISA & MasterCard a Preferred Method for Transfers to 1xbet?

VISA and MasterCard are the preferred choices for transfers to 1xbet owing to the high level of security on offer. Visa and MasterCard require merchants to offer highly advanced systems to process the transaction, with advanced security protocols and encryption that are the best in the industry.

Visa and MasterCard also offer a world of convenience to the user, in making payments to cover 1xbet betting limits. Users can simply give their card number and enjoy instant credit, with no hassles, and in the full confidence, they will not be subject to unauthorised transactions. The merchant protection programmes in place make the transactions doubly secure, allowing users to dispute the transaction if there are unauthorised debits or you may duplicate payments inadvertently.

1xbet offers a very low minimum threshold of $1.50, 50 RUB, or 1.00 EUR when making deposits, and the equally low threshold of $3.00, 100 RUB, or 2.00 EUR, for claiming withdrawals using VISA or MasterCard.

Last but not the least, with credit cards there is always the convenience and benefit of an interest-free window between the time you use the card to make 1xbet payments, and the time you have to make good the payment to the issuing bank. You could even bet, make a profit, and reimburse the bank, without spending a penny from your pocket, subject to the risk involved.

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