Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin In Cosmetics And Personal Care Products 2023

What are your go to approach to protect moisturization of your skin?


Most of the times, skin’s moisture tends to dry out which makes it rough. Hot water tends to dry out your skin by striping of skin’s natural oil. Hence, it’s essential to apply skin moisturizer immediately after taking shower. To keep your skin supple and hydrated, one needs to use moisturizer on daily basis.

But these moisturizers should be free from other possible irritants, paraben free and stickiness free, which are not be achieved by glycerin based formulations. Glycerin esters are attacked by lipolytic enzymes; however in ethyl hexyl glycerin ether structure gives protection against it and at the same time acts as a booster of cosmetic alcohols and glycols.


Alkyl glyceryl ethers are generally being used in cosmetic products for their non-stickiness as compared to glycerin. In alkyl glyceryl ether, ethyl hexyl group is attached to glycerin through ether linkage forming ethyl hexyl glycerin and is widely being used in cosmetic and personal care products. In cosmetic products, these alkyl glyceryl ethers generally functions as deodorant agent, skin-conditioning agent, surfactants etc. It is reported that ethyl hexyl glycerin can also enhance the function of some traditional preservatives.

Characteristics & Usage


Ethyl hexyl glycerin is clear, colorless liquid with characteristic odour and is glycerin derivative which comes from plant-based sources such as soybean or palm. This unique multifunctional cosmetic additive is globally approved substance that acts as effective emollient and mild humectant giving improved skin feel without stickiness after its application. Ethyl hexyl glycerin is rapidly absorbed into the skin, making easy use on the skin without giving any whitening after application.

Ethyl hexyl glycerin boosts the efficacy of traditional preservatives by acting on cell walls of bacteria that enhances bacterial destruction by the preservative. When ethyl hexyl glycerin is used as typical dosage (0.3 – 1.0%) it is not known to destabilize an emulsion.

It boosts antimicrobial efficacy while enabling use of low concentrations of traditionally employed preservatives such as parabens or triclosan in cosmetic formulations.

This skin conditioner acts as preservative booster through its surfactant property that reduces the surface tension and potentially damages the cell membranes of bacteria, preventing their growth. This antimicrobial action makes it a good deodorizing ingredient.

Applications of Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin

Ethyl hexyl glycerin is safe cosmetic additive used in wide variety of skin care, bath and cosmetic formulations. It is also found in cleansing products, deodorants, eye makeup, foundations, hair care products, and suntan products.

Kumar organic products is the global supplier and manufacturer of Ethyl hexyl glycerin brand named as Kopcerin. Kopcerin is a safe ingredient and an effective replacement for parabens.

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