Manufacturer Of Kopthione Zn Powder (Zinc Pyrithione Powder) 2023

Paint could be really foul stuff when biocides are not used, that preserve paints in a can or that help safeguard dry paint films. Biocides prove their worth where coatings must survive under adverse conditions. In past, problems with biocides have gotten some paint makers in serious trouble and hence choosing a proper Biocide is very critical.


Mold, mildew, and fungi discolour and destroy paint films. The organisms can do their dirty work because paint binders and additive components are generally organic and provide nutrients for microorganisms. Paints provide sufficient humidity and a neutral to acidic environment in which microorganisms grow and thrive.

MARINE PAINTS are much more challenging than typical wall paint because they must protect ship’s hulls below the waterline against fouling by seaweed, barnacles, and other organisms. They serve the dual purpose of protecting the structure from deterioration and keeping the ships looking good. The biggest problem with Biocides in marine paint coatings is they need to work and be non-toxic to water bodies, so that water body organisms are not affected. Biocides in marine paints will help ship’s hull to slow the marine growth on the underwater area which can affect the vessels performance and durability. In addition to preventing marine growth, the hull coating can also act as a barrier against hull corrosion that will degrade and weaken the metal. It also improves the flow of water passing the hull of a fishing vessel or high-performance racing yacht.


One of the most effective biocide used in marine paints is Kumar Organic’s Kopthione Zn, which is Zinc Pyrithione powder. It has both anti-fungal and anti-algal activity. It is off white to beige colour Micronized powder of Zinc pyrithione, which is 97% pure powder. It is one of the most sought of Biocide used in paints which widely discourage algae, fungi, Seaweeds and diatom slimes growth. It is also very effective against broad spectrum of Gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Kopthione Zn powder is the active moiety, it works by inhibiting the passage of food through cell walls, thus forcing cells to starve to death. A color-stabilized Kopthione Zn powder has good compatibility with a wide variety of latex binders and other common paint ingredients.

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