Q: Can I Sell The Tours? 2023

Do you want to display or even play out izi.TRAVEL tours in your application or website?

Use our API to access all izi.TRAVEL content
and publish it in your own channels!


izi.TRAVEL is ready to spread all local stories globally. Every day numerous content providers publish their audio guides on izi.TRAVEL platform. More than 1750 museums and 1750 cities all of the world are covered with interesting stories in different languages. New stories appear every moment.

These stories definitely deserve to be more widely distributed than just thru the izi.TRAVEL App. There are a lot of other services which may use power of storytelling to engage and inspire their customers, such as:


Booking services: propose to your customer the set of free outdoor and museum audio guides in the city of destinations. Inspire him with a legends of the city to help him decide on book flight/hotel and stay for more nights.

Travel Apps and Web: provide more multimedia content to your customers. Museums, city travel authorities, publishing houses and many other local professional made a great effort to inspire city guests and residence. Leverage their efforts!

More examples of integration:



– Enhance your destination pages with local tours

– Combine your ticket sales with some preview stories

– Enrich your maps with local stories


– Use the guided tours at the chosen destination as a hook for a mailing campaign

– Send links to tours in your confirmation email after booking

– Invite travelers to tours on the day of arrival


– City POI apps enriched with guided tours and stories layer

– Car infotainment system with guides tours and stories

– Navigation apps with stories along the routes

– (Local) wifi boxes for buses and airplanes can deliver tours to travelers

The process

1. Study our technical information here: https://api-docs.izi.travel

2. Send a request to [email protected] (when you click the link your mail client will open a small ‘form’)

3. Accept the license terms

4. Receive access to your developers environment

5. Generate keys for your channels and start publishing

6. It’s free!


Q: can I use it unlimited?
A: Yes

Q: can I make money with these tours?
A: You can definitely increase the sales of your product/services if you leverage on our tours and stories. We do not charge any share in these revenues. But you cannot sell these stories.

Q: can I sell the tours?
A: You cannot sell the tours that are free. You can act as reseller for the paid tours, but this is a minority of the content (~100 tours).

Q: will the tours have advertising?
A: In the future they will definitely have advertising, and you are going to have your share in it. We will keep you informed about these possibilities.

Q: can I add advertising?
A: Yes, we are ready to discuss it. Please contact us.

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